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Kind words for I LOVE IT ROUGH #4

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I found a short review of I LOVE IT ROUGH #4 online from the folks over at  I like this movie a lot and think it turned out pretty good.  If you have time to rent it or watch a few minutes on VOD, let me know what you think.

Review link:

“I LOVE IT ROUGH 4 is not only one of Brandon Iron’s best movies of recent, it’s also one of his best ever! The cast is illustrious and brilliantly depraved. The sex scenes are heavy on the anal and dripping with cum. At the same time, the movie never seems to be too hardcore. This is a quality work from Brandon Iron – in every respect!”


Size 7.5 shoe but a size XXL heart

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Meet Angel.  She’s 20, lives in La Belle Province (Quebec) and enjoys having her feet worshipped by older men.  In other words, she’s a dream date!  The list of do’s for her feet:  smelling, sucking, caressing, and tickling.  The don’ts:  no kissing or DATY….and if you need that explained to you, I can tell you are not a hobbyist.   (It stands for Dining At The Y or eating her pussy.)  She’s an experienced footjob artist and is deep into roleplay.  She excels at being a Daddy’s girl and enjoys begging for cum, pleading for harder spankings, and instructing you in your duties as her Sugar Daddy.

Think you can afford her?  Don’t worry, pal.  I paid for her this time.  It’s on me.

Just enjoy this pretty little piggy as she rubs an absolutely massive cumshot into her skin.  Guess where I unloaded…..of course!…..right on her tattoo DADDY’S GIRL.

Angel will be your girl, too, in an upcoming volume of PERVERTED PLANET, a favorite series of mine to shoot.  The first 5 volumes are now available at through JM Productions.  Enjoy!

Rain, rain go away….

Monday, August 31st, 2009

It’s easy to be distracted by a doom-and-gloom, the sky is falling mentality.  All too often, I’m guilty of that way of thinking….enough!  I had some good news and wanted to share it with you.

1.  An all-time record high was reached for the joins through and I wanted to say thanks for the support.  Seeds that were planted a few years ago are starting to sprout.  The conversion ratio for new members was really, really good:  1 in 67 people who were unique visitors to the site ended up joining.  The majority of new members were full members, too, not trial memberships.  That’s as strong as it has ever been.

2.  The pornstarnetwork’s new look and increased interactivity seems to be very well received.  There is far more user input into their online experience.  I like it a lot and have compared it to 2 other programs of which I am a member.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to e-mail me at and I’ll forward them on to the tech guys.

3.  I met some really cool people at the Montreal internet show and hope to do more cooperating with them.  There are some real go-getters out there, man.  All in all, this was a very productive trip.  More seeds have been planted!

Solid Gold strip club in Montreal

Monday, August 31st, 2009

This place is worth its weight in gold…really!  It was a Sunday night and a friend took me there.  He is a strip club afficienado so I just went with his spider sense.  It was tingling almost as much as the hairs on the back of my neck when I saw the bevy of beauties on shift at 1:00am.  We closed the place out at 3:00am but not before I invested $45 in lap dances from Maya.



Heart-shaped ass that you can grab and caress.

All mail should now be forwarded to:  Brandon Iron c/o Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for me to remain in the Champagne room at Solid Gold.  If you’re serious (and I know you are), go see for yourself:  8820 Boulevard Saint-Laurent (North of Highway 40).  Tell them Maya sent you and get a few dances.  I can’t tell you her special move.  All I can say is that when she cradles your head with her naked boobs, you can request that she do the same with he r swaddling glutes.  I went nose-to-brown-eye in a highly erotic who-will-blink-first contest…..and won!

More Chloe Canuck!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

A few of you were smitten by Chloe Canuck, my blonde angel who tucked her second porn scene under her 25-inch belt.  Forgive me for holding back the photographic proof that this Canuck can fuck.  And, YES, it’s true!  She does fuck older men to pay off cell phone bills.  I don’t make this stuff up….

Worst marketing ever

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

I’m not an ad man.  Sure, I pitch my sites and I hope the content is enjoyed.  It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.  Some “normal” people may not even be able to say “bukkake” without blushing.

No matter.

The people at Immodium are running a contest that leaves my mouth sphincterishly agape.  A contest for diarrhea…..really!  Now, I love assholes as much as the next guy.  I just don’t want to judge competitions about when they don’t function properly.


Receptacle for my testicles

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

A female fan from NYC wrote the following….

Brandon, I have always loved the way you treat nasty sluts like myself. Unfortunately, most men just don’t get the whole mental degradation aspect of verbal abuse. They are repetative and boring. They may gag me or fuck me decently, but have no idea how to get into my head, make me feel worthless, make me cry, and get really wild. Any suggestions? You should write a sex column for the nastiest out there. You were SOOOO hot when you were younger! What am I saying? You ARE hot. I would be honored to be a recepticle for your testicles. Ever get to New York?”

*** I SWEAR I do not make this stuff up!  In fact, I should start posting more fan feedback as it is far more interesting than the drivel that I write.

PERVERTED PLANET #6 being re-named

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

There are 2 things I love:  travel and sex.  Combining them to create the series PERVERTED PLANET is a labour of love.   Sadly, the dvd market is declining at a kamikaze-like rate.  In order to increase sales, I am re-naming PERVERTED PLANET #6 as THE ROLLING STONES’ GREATEST HITS.

Still waiting to hear back from Legal on this one but I have a hunch the out-the-door numbers will be above average.

Kind words from a fan

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

This seems very self-indulgent and self-congratulatory, I know, but it made me feel good to receive fan feedback today.  Here’s the e-mail with the poster’s name removed:

“I dont think I’ve ever written to someone in porn.    I certainly dont have a problem with it but it takes more than a little to motivate me to do so.   There are three men I care about in a scene – Nacho Vidal, Lex Steele and you!!    All because of the way you extract so much intensity and reality out of the women.   Thats what separates the really porn from the run of the mill crap filled with empty ooohs and ahhhs (Tiffany Rayne cums to mind – smokin hot and about as passionate as George Bush is about reading)   : )          So, generally speaking, I dont give a fuck who the guy is as long as he isnt annoying or disgusting – I’m not focused on the men.  When you’re in a scene, you become a much larger part of it then your average guy – still focused on the women but its more of an interaction then just see some chic get poked.  You’re able to engage them on several levels and thats what amps up the intensity.   Most people know that great sex starts with the brain and not just from physical interaction.   The best sex I’ve had has always been either emotional (profound heartfelt love in which case the physical part matters little at that moment) or intensely passionate on a more animalistc/primitive level where good chemistry exists (the ONLY thing I prefer is playing on a huge stage at an outdoor concert in front of thousands of people – simply because its even harder to come by).  You are so very rare in your ability to create that environment in front of the camera.  True, if you had an average sized cock, that would be much much harder so I’m sure you’re grateful for that kielbasa but your personality is critical to your success (unlike most porn actors).  Anyway, I’m know you’re aware of this but I just thought you’d like to hear it again – for every person that takes the time to write, there are at least a thousand that feel the same way (maybe more when it comes to porn).   Thanks for pushing the envelope!!”

*** N.B.  I appreciate anyone who takes the time to write me at and I always respond personally.  Thanks for the kind words and I do appreciate the feedback.  It means a lot.

Meet The Parents

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Meet the Parents…, not the Ben Stiller/Robert DeNiro movie.  I’m talking about meeting my parents.  Look, we’ve known each other for a while now, right?  You seem serious and I’d like to take this to the next level if you don’t mind.

I’ve been away for a few years, of course, and it was a little difficult paddling my canoe north of the Queen Charlotte Islands, but — finally! — I made it.  Mom, Dad, and I enjoyed a traditional Canadian dinner of roast narwhal and everyone laughed when Dad put on a polar bear skin and snuck up behind Mom.  Some things never get old….