Riley Shy from

I joke around and write stupid, off-the-cuff remarks that mean very little. When it comes to Riley Shy, however, I am going to keep it straight and honest. She is one of the hottest women I met in porn. What a body! What a playful spirit! What a total mind-fucker who makes you fall in lust with her before you even realize it. This woman is a drug who could launch her own narco-terrorist war within the borders of the United States. Thousands would die for one whiff of her pussy. I am first in line and regret that I have but one life to give.

I heart Riley. You will, too.

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  1. neo666 Says:

    Riley has an absolutely kick-ass body. Brandon glad to see you making vids once again. Don’t forget to make more content for CMF and especially SC!!!

  2. brandon Says:

    I’m just posting some photo sets from the shoots, neo666. Hope you enjoy them! Riley is an absolute joy to meet and work with. Total sweetheart.

  3. Pete Says:

    She is absolutely SPECTACULAR.

    Brandon, wasn’t she in one of the TEN LITTLE PIGGIES films under a different name?

  4. brandon Says:

    She was Bambi before she changed her name to Riley Shy. I think she was in TEN LITTLE PIGGIES vol. 7 as Riley Shy.

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