Goodbye,..for now

January 11th, 2014 by T. Von Swine


Ok, so my domian expired and I haven’t bothered to renew it yet and link it back here to this blog page. Why?.. Well, what for? I have too much on my plate to type away at a blog that I dont get paid for, or get any residual sales from. I DO love the interaction, but I dont have time for a fly by night experience when I could be writing something of REAL substance. Yes, I’m quite proud of how a lot of these posts came out, but it’s all changed in the past few years and I dont want any responsibilities that dont result in direct rewards. I’m shooting everything, and have been for over two years, and writing a free blog just doesn’t fit into the rotation gang, sorry about that. I’d love to update more Pigpen stuff, but even that has been impossible to update since I HATE editing,..(cant win can I?

It’s also tough that, after me holding a camera, being one of the best P.A.’s of all time, performing at a high level in the POV genre, taking tens of thousands of photos that have littered boxcovers for an array of companies,  and doing whatever I can to help whoever I work with to keep the ball rolling and the lights on, for over 12 years, that I cant have my name on a boxcover. That sucks. And, whether it should, or should not, totally bothers the hell out of me. What is it about me that is SOOOO fucking unworthy?

This isn’t about burning a bridge or spitting in anyones face either, because the last I checked I was the one taking it in the chops in most of those arenas. Still, I am a man, I’m very good at what I do, and after losing every single person I loved in this world starting 17 years ago w/my precious Donna, why shouldn’t I play for keeps/have a bit of a chip on my shoulder? It’s not like I haven’t performed? If I sucked, or wasted peoples money, or lied to company owners and agents then, MAYBE, I could understand. But that’s never been the case. It’d be nice to have some legit respect from someone other than Mike,..which still to this day is enough to keep me going, but not enough to keep me going on this blog or in other areas that require some creative spark to keep people informed or entertained. The fact that Mike, the best handheld shooter of ALL time trusts me the way he does is an infinite stoke, and keeps me going full tilt(in the right direction), whenever I’m ready to go on the warpath.

No one ever has, or ever will, have my back like Mike has. If I say that a thousand more times, it’s still understated. Porno is a different place for all of us now, and the rules we all played and shot by in 2004, are nothing like that that was 2009, and 2009 is even further away from 2014. WE are the only ones that can care about all of this now as the ‘industry’ crumbles from this barrage of LAME shooters who know nothing of heated, dirty, intense trysts unless they watched our movies to cut their teeth on as they paint by numbers w/what we created on the fly on a day-day basis. We were porn hounds that got the cameras,….and the girls…we took years of wanting to jump through the tv to get our paws on and in this world of XXX and American vice. And while maybe not the most ‘original’ lot, we always did our best to keep it hot and raunchy…ALWAYS. Sure, vanilla happens, I get that. But the odd vanilla scenes were just there to accompany our entree filled with girls that let us take them to the fucking wall….man that was, and still is great when you get days like that..

Enough, enough, enough….I’m not quitting on any of you, or myself. Rather informing all of you that more changes are coming to the realm, NOT industry of XXX…there is NO industry…nobody holds standards or common goals other than smashing and grabbing each and every penny that falls off of the Pony-Express as it wheels by your own dusty trail in porno valley… I love this business as it has saved me from who knows what type of misery that was awaiting me had I not committed to it those years ago….

There’s no reason to take this post to a 1000 words, so I won’t. If any of you that I know, or have met are going to the AEE/AVN show next week, I really hope to see you there, as you are some of the few measures of any honest value that one can take from this type of venal career, where friendships are not paid for, but arranged and perceived to have value outside of the actual experience, when they do not. So my friends, my casual, yet honest acquaintances, lets us pray we can engage again, and laugh about how ridiculous any and all of this ever was.

Thanx you, & goodnight. ~ Timothy Otto Wilhelm Gunther Dietrich von Swine IVth.

p.s.; God Bless America, Land That I Love.  -T.v.S.4

POV Pervert #16 Is Done!

November 6th, 2013 by T. Von Swine

We have another installment of this classic and legendary series, only there’s a new driver in the seat this time for all of the scenes; T.von Swine. Mike is still indisposed and handling his other ventures so I went ahead and decided I’d take a crack at this series, and am glad I did. This volume has me up against some fantastic pussies & buttholes that belong to: Chase Ryder, Kat Dior, Laela Pryce, Gabriella Paltrova, and Zoey Monroe. All of the gals except Chase take it up the ass and Kat gets TWO anal creampies in her scene. Hopefully I’ll feel like posting pics later, but I’m really swamped w/the the boxcover, booking scenes, pulling framegrabs, etc., so dont trip if that takes a while. That’s all for now, ttyl. -T.O.W.G.D.von Swine IVth.


P.S.; ok porn-hounds,’s a small gallery/taste for all of ya. Mostly framegrabs so you can get a good bite on how the action looks up front, and personal.. Holla! -T.v.S.4


No Cum Dodging Allowed #13

September 19th, 2013 by T. Von Swine



Well gang, looks like we’re gonna see if #13 is good or bad luck for ol’Swiney as his hand at an edition/volume of NCDA is hitting the streets soon, and given the history of this series, his/my plate’s as full as it could get. Now, I’ve helped Mike make plenty of these movies/volumes over the years going back to 03′, but times were different for all of those experiences, both in regards to money & talent available to get these JUGGERNAUT gonzo attempts done. NCDA is one of, if not THE most dominant all sex/hard gonzo series of the modern/handheld era, and I’m not saying that because Mike is my best friend and I need to stroke anyone here. In fact, during my time at RLD & PXP I was insanely jealous at what Mike was able to do w/his lines because I didnt have ANY chance at getting approval on a movie that would have even 1/2 of what he threw around for NCDA. So I had to sit there and watch his domination over me and EVERYONE else in the biz every time I got to P.A. or shoot w/him which was like someone playing on a team w/Wayne Gretzky or in a band w/Eddie Van Halen; you cant hate the honest/natural talent that came out once everyone got to/on set. You had to be witness to what you couldnt do, even though you wanted to, and you knew what Mike was doing was going OFF! It was always so big,..

If anyone out there wants to try and compare ANY long running gonzo series to NCDA, say w/7-10 volumes or more, please do,..because that will only result in you getting completely embarrassed. NCDA by it’s own standards has some of the top tier girls from the most competitve/elite era of porno doing things un-imaginable, that NOBODY else was able to get like Mike did. Now, some gals pushed it hard for other shooters/companies, I know that and am not saying NCDA was their only stop on that big of a stage. Just that the series continual delivery of scene after scene of head scratching performances is absolutely unmatched by any directors one line, or series… Stay w/me, since this isnt about bias, but observation and eventual dread of someones shoes that are all too big to fill…

So the time came to decide what I was going to do next for Mike’s catalog w/him having stopped back in town last minute un-announced from Centro-America… NCDA nowadays has to have POV segments in it to make it financially feesible, so it was perfect he was here to kick it off w/Sarah Shevon before we blowbanged her. Well, plans changed and he was ‘indisposed’ for the segment w/Sarah so I jumped in hoping he would be around for the next POV slot. Nope,…Mikey had to bail early so NCDA was in my lap the rest of the way like it or not. Moving forward I was pretty confident things would be ok, but doing an NCDA front-back w/out Mike spooked me a little bit on principle alone. Sure I can shoot anything, I’ve proven that over the years to myself and to anyone who tried to throw IMPOSSIBLE movies/gigs my way like Kegger and Crowd Pleasers which were absolute tests in XXX for me as a shooter/director. But it was the intangibles I was worried about w/this volume of NCDA as here Mike wasn’t to be shooting any of it, and I dont have an extra 30k to throw around for 3-5 on ones w/DP’s, airtight and multiple swallows. Sure, I know those days are long gone and that the fans mostly know that, but the table scraps I had to spend for a line like this w/it’s histroy  was extremely daunting…but then came the cast.

After Sarah I knew Veruca James HAD to be in this flick, and Cameron Canada. Those chicks had been delivering for me lately  and NCDA was a great place for them to shine…and who else to make this 4-girl movie thick w/star power?,.. AJ Applegate! I had her on the hook, confirmed for a DP & four guy bj on back-back days and was sooo stoked because she too had recently been KILLING it in her scenes for us. But after 4-5 days went by she pulled out, wanting more money, leaving me high & dry for my final scene. Now,  I’m never going to blast AJ over anything, I’ve done two pov’s w/her where the sex was amazing and cant say how much I really like her as a performer, but her being new to the biz kept her from seeing what kind of damage was done to me and my schedule over basically and additional $200/$300  dollars. Not that AJ isn’t a premium performer, but I had strict caps on what I could pay each gal, and to be fair to Sarah, Veruca, & Cameron, there was no way I was going to budge for her. As if the pressure wasnt bad enough then we get hit w/the moratoriums, which left me in doubt that we would finish shooting the scenes in time to make our slot for september,… yep, the ‘biz-ness’ side is alive and well baby! And that’s rarely a good thing.

But we sometimes find our miracles through tragedies dont we? This is where booking Alana Rains off of pics only turned out to be my XXX lottery ticket for 2013, as this long legged, ‘tall drink of water’ 18 yr old walked in and SAVED this flick. And this is no slight to the GREAT performances that Sarah/Veruca/Cameron put in, but in a first timer DP scenario, Alana Rains stepped in and let the guys takeover until she was ready to bang back,….it’s something as a pornographer that you dont see often, but when a gal breaks a first ‘threshold’ like that so strongly for you, on your camera, you’re almost as excited about it as the 2 lucky stiffs in the scene getting their shit WAXED! The following day our pov segment was so easy I dont even feel like I paid that gal,…

And that’s where XXX/porno is a different world, job, life, commitment that even some of those in it for year after year dont get that kind gravity because they’re just button pushers or yes-men, not blue-blood scumbags like I am. I’m here for the juice, and NCDA for me had some of the most pungent, saturated sex in one movie front-back I’ve shot in a very long time. Now, I doubt NCDA#13 will stand up to ANY other volume for purists of this series on the merits of load count or group action, but I dont have the $$$ for that anymore anyways, so please dont kick the dog too hard when he doesnt really have any bones to bring home & bury like the other one did before him.

Yes, I am very happy w/what my ladies gave me for this movie, they were SOO good…. The chicks are the focal point, the sex right behind that, and all anal and all swallowing round out a very fun 4-girl dirty movie. I really hope you people out there can have at least 1/2 as much fun as I did w/this one. God Bless America, ~ Timothy Otto Wilhelm Gunther Dietrich von Swine IVth.

p.s.; ok, so I had sex w/3 of the 4 gals in this movie, but I DIDN’T have sex w/Veruca….looking thru and posting this gallery,…I’m getting a little upset about that…. Veruca James is a gal that can bang the soul out of a man if he’s not worthy, let it be known! I’m looking for round #3 as soon as possible! -Herr Swiney





How Could I Forget?…Boobaholics Anonymous #9 Is Done!!

August 13th, 2013 by T. Von Swine

Fans w/Big Tit Retardation like Mikey rejoice! We have a great stack of stacked babes in this one; Chrissy Nova, Mya Lushes, Whitney Westgate, Tessa Lane, & Noelle Easton! We didnt intend to make this one ALL pov, but can you blame us? I didnt think so. There were some cancellations and flakes by a few chicks AND guys (who didnt want to perform in a Bg scene for $400 bux,..) so we said FU!, we’ll do ALL of the banging ourself. Hey, if it’s come the time for Mike and I to bang EVERY chick in EVERY scene we’re gonna do it dammit! At least he and I are somewhat decent when holding the camera and getting banged by XXX’s best babes so there IS  some upside for you strokers.

Here’s the cover that I just approved, maybe I’ll post a few pics later if time permits,….talk to ya later.. ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth

2013 Means It’s Time For NCDA #13

August 10th, 2013 by T. Von Swine

I know it’s been a minute since any news around here, but hopefully this will make up for it. NCDA will be making a comeback this year, which isn’t quite the same, deep impact of Van Halen’s 1984 LP streeting in (of all years) 1984, but we hope it’ll come in a close 300th/400th place. Now, sorry we wont be having 40 or 50 loads swallowed like years past, or 4-5 on 1’s w/airtight DP’s and the ‘Power Squad’ guys each popping twice but, the way it’s shaping up I feel the gals will really knock your socks/cocks off. With such a drought of any real steady hard gonzo that’s new, I feel NCDA #13 will for sure fill some of the void all on it’s own just because of the swallowing in each scene alone. I’m also aiming for all of the gals to do anal, even though it’s MAXING out my budget limits in a VERY tough time to be spending on XXX.


This year has seen some real god titles make comebacks so far so lets just add NCDA #13 to that hit-parade why dont we? Both Crowd Control & Sperm Receptacles made returns after looong hiatuses, so having Mike’s flagship sailing again is gonna feel damn good to get out to the fans. Who knows?, mebbe we can get Teenage Spermaholics dusted off before 2014 and turn this bitch into a muthafuckin RENNAISANCE! ( < did I spell that right?).

So far it’s Sarah Shevon and Cameron Canada who most definitely did anal AND swallowed multiple loads…. More details later and pics since this is just a production blast, and not a press junket sized notice for all 23 of you still following our XXX exploits,.. Holla!  ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth.

Elastic Assholes #11 & XRCO win #4..Gallery Update 5/4/13

April 27th, 2013 by T. Von Swine


Hey gang, I finished shooting Elastic Assholes #11 on weds(4/24) and hope to have it on the streets in late May.

Here’s the cast;

AJ Applegate-creampie,

Kat Dior-facial,

Sasha Casey-creampie & swallow,

Krissy Lynn-frosted cookie!,

Kimberly Kane-creampie.

Note: ALL creampies in this movie were ANAL creampies! OMG!! lol. I’ll get some pics up soon I just have to peruse and re-size them first.


XRCO; we won for Best POV Series yet again! That’s 4 in a row bitches!!! What are we, the New York Islanders? Only bummer was I couldn’t hear them call it out at that damn Supperclb/LA place so I didnt get to go onstage and make an ass outta myself, which I kinda like doing. I like makin people laugh, even at my own expense,..occasionally. lol. Any-hizzle, I DID get to do the post win interview and photos backstage w/Nikki Phoenix who’s a hot, curvy platinum blonde that was shot by Miles Long who’s a super cool guy, so thanx you two. Overall it was a real smooth night w/plenty of friendly faces and good convo. They did let the public in around midnight and it just turned into civilian bedlam from there w/an awful DJ and waittresses walking around w/$500 bottles of Grey Goose that have the little light in the bottom,..lame. That was the key to BOUNCE, so we did. Thanx to everyone who voted for us, to Jules for keepin our product hi-profile and doin good #’s, Mike Moz for helpin me get around during the initial chaos/confusion, and XRCO for still having a show in Los Angeles instead of allll the waayyy out in Vegas.


shout outs to: Kelly Shibari; GF extraordinaire, Mark Zane shuttle service, Eric Swissballs, Kaci Starr; looking great thesedays, Veruca James, Katie St.Ives, Tessa Lane, Penny Pax,  Gracie Glam, Nina Hartley; who told me in my ear: get out!, go sleep on the couch!..loved it!, Erik EVERHAAAARRD, Anthony Petkovitch; always like chopping it up w/you buddy, Jim Orlando, Tee Reel, Billy Banks, Ike Diezel; tequila assassin, Daniel Metcalf, James Deen; calm down and go get some Del Taco!, Bono-One, Roger T Pipe, Jag,  L.T.Turner, Tricia Devereaux; thanx for sayin hi on the stairs, that was nice ;), D.Snoop, Lee Bang, Mr.Pete, Toni Ribas, and everyone else who I chatted and swilled with but just can’t recall at the moment, so please forgive,.. pics soon!  ~ T.O.W.G.D.V.S.4


5/4-5/13; Ok scumbags, I just wrapped doing the DVD gallery and insert for Elastic Assholes #11 and re-sized a batch of pics here for the blog,..yes, I’m stating the obvious. What’s also ‘obvious’ is the 3, count em’, THREE pov segments. Sure, it’s a little bit selfish of me, but it saves us prod. $’s and keeps my over-sized Pig balls drained, for which society should be thankful! No need for me to be running around w/a ‘full clip’ and seeing gals walk in and out of my Chateau w/out me getting a piece for myself, way! So I did,..3 times, lol. Mike said I should do ALL 5 scenes but I knew that wouldn’t fly, even if it is our movie. Case in point; newbie/dewey fresh starlet/piglet Sasha Casey did her 1st on screen anal and was soo fun I shot (here’s that magic # again) THREE loads in our scene. Are you kidding? Since when does my 255 lb, 43 yr old ass get off that many loads in a day, let alone in the span of like 60-70 minutes? Still, mission accomplished much to my ultimate, chauvinistic pleasure… 2 of those loads ended up as anal creampies w/the 3rd going down her throat,, what a lady. I’m more than impressed w/her sleaze factor for ‘enduring’ that scene w/me.

Then there’s Kat Dior, who as a 19 yr old trollop was able to handle the Sean Michaels ‘telephone pole’ up her little duff like she was Jynx Maze or Bobbi Starr,..TOTAL professional ass-banger in the making this gal. Krissy Lynn got thrown in the mix w/Tommy Byron who went str8 to the A and stayed there til he pulled out and fired a greasy one all over her shaved cookie,.. AJ Applegate and Kimberly Kane were the other 2 gals who I tackeld in pov fashion and lemme tell you something,.. AJ’s attitude and sparkilng eyes had me in disbelief that it was the 1st time we’d ever met each other. She was soo easy and hot to work with..I shot a massive load in her ass too, but was a little too eager on the deposit strokes and fired it REALLY deep,..we got part of it out on camera, but Im sure she had an ‘oil leak’ for the rest of her day, lol.

Now if any of you saw the scene w/Kimberly and I from EA #9 then you’ll recall it has some of the best on screen chemistry ever captured in my performer/pov career. Well, after this one I feel it’s only a matter of time before she lands us on the show ‘Cheaters’ should we risk/engage in a 3rd on camera romp. I couldn’t hold the camera for too long because of how bad we wanted to KILL each other, so it morphed into this pov/Totally Unprofessional hybrid scene that had us flying thru positions like we were Everhard and Dani Daniels or something… Look, if you like porno where the sex is the most important ingredient, then Elastic Assholes #11 is a must for you, just on the Kane vs. Von Swine scene/brawl alone,..sorry I’m talking such a big game here, but the 3 segments I did capped w/hers and it really blew me away. She even let me creampie her! How many times has she done that in her awesome career? (style points for the Fat guy, bitches!!)

Take it from me, the ‘Babe Ruth Of Chatsworth’, Elastic Assholes #11 is a real raunchy all anal romp that should keep you stroking well into the dog days of Summer,..AND Fall. Enjoy the pics everyone..Thanx for being fans and feel free to say “hi” in the comments section if you see something you like. ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth.


Crowd Control #2…..ALL Anal!

April 8th, 2013 by T. Von Swine


Yes!, Crowd Control vol.2 has ALL anal scenes. I was hoping for all DP, but fell a little short in that dept. I did however manage to capture a REAL juicy double creampie in Jennifer White’s scene which was great(1 anal/1vag). In the past Crowd Control had all 4-1 scenes, but that’s a little bit out of our budget right now so I went w/all 3-1’s where every gal at least takes it in the ass, which should make up for the lack of the extra Mope. This should hit the streets later this month as I’ll be finishing up the cover tomorrow (mon 4-8), and will post it once it’s approved. Go check out the trailer over at since it’s free and downloadable… enjoy the pics,.. ~ T.O.W.G.D.V.S.4


p.s.: I’m spinning Motorhead’s “Bomber” album (for prolly the 400th time) and gotta say,’s really hard not pickin up my bottle of Jim Beam Black whisky and seein where that takes me. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be someplace, Live Fast/Die Old, bitches!  T.V.S.4


Pigpen Update; Rayveness DP in clip #v3784

April 7th, 2013 by T. Von Swine


Ok, so I posted this clip about a month ago, but didn’t get around to writing about it til now,.. but getting Rayveness to do a DP was a monumental XXX acievement. She’s only done 3 in her whole career before this one, and has been performing since 1992, so it’s easy to say I got a REAL rarity out of a super hall of fame starlet. She was great too,..had NO probs or issues w/being banged by two fat guys and did her DP session w/out a hitch! Now, I know it’s tough to win people over w/scenes that are mostly shot from a stationary/tri-pod setup, but the Pigpen clips are all about what it’s like to be in the room w/these XXX pros like never before. It’s a different type of look into porno, all the while still being porno,..see where I’m going w/this? Here, lemme explain a little more,..

Not having any real resource of other heavy guys I felt I could cast, or trust to do the scenes, I knew most of the ‘trenchwork’ was going to have to be done by me. The budget for these clips is pretty much non-existent and that also forced me in front of the camera as much as anything else did. But knowing the chicks, and the environment as well as anyone in gonzo, I felt that if the scenes were taken and stripped down all the way, no tease, very little interview or setup, then it could have a real chance at being unique because then the sex would have it’s own honesty. And that there is the most important message of what I’m trying to do w/this; that these HOT chicks are A-OK, just fine w/getting banged by an older, heavyset dude (or two!).  It all goes back to how we are supposed to, or used to enjoy porno to begin with. Nobodys home, or you have a day off, and FINALLY there’s time to break out a few tapes and spank away by yourself for a couple/few hours and enjoy the visuals on your own terms, because porno is meant to be enjoyed that way, you want it! Nowadays everyone is bouncing from clip to clip online, or surfing 35 different free webcam trials, or trying to get noticed in a chatroom, etc.., which is fine, but rarely does that type of spanking really hold me over for more than a portion of the day. It’s like it’s all tempting you to keep coming back and looking for more in a few hours rather than just blazing through a solid block of scenes until you’re all out of DNA to throw around on your carpet or hardwood floors.

So, the “less is more” approach is the only way I see how this can work for my clips. It shows that me, and sometimes Mr.Maple (when he appears), are pretty good at pounding gals that are PROS, are 1/2 our age, and can prolly have their choice of meat puppet in the real world w/just a short skirt and a smile. I’m trying to make porno where EVERYONE wins,..even the hot chicks! They actually get off and cum most of the time and that’s not bragging, but it is a very cool selling point. I’m not doing this so the chicks hate me, quite the contrary, and the fact that Rayveness, who has been in porno for over 20+ years, was WILLING to get sandwiched by two guys that each weigh over 250 lbs., speaks for itself.  So go check it out and download it so you can see a brand of porno where everyone wins, even you, because this shows w/the right determination and enough $$$, you too can make some top notch pro-am porno, which is the true heartbeat of America! People are very quick to forget that movie cameras were originally invented for shooting porno, not Charly Chaplain. But due to there being no licensed and bonded talent agents of the time, the initial and first attempts at a Porn-Valley floundered and the performers flunked INTO mainstream! That’s ALL true, you just have to know where to ask,.. >;)

TheRayveness DP is avail at and is clip #v3784 and has 3 cumshots. Don’t let all of the ‘alternate’ type content over there fool you, just go to the search option/queue and type in Pigpen to find it w/out having to scroll through some things that might burn your eyes a little bit. Or not, scroll away and take it all in,..maybe you’ll see something else to stroke to as well,..Thanx to Rayveness for the great romp and Mr.Maple for helping me pull off a classic clip, and to all of you super stroker/spank-monsters out there for still being fans. Enjoy the framegrabs,.. ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth.



PTL#8; Is Finished!…(updated 3/3/13!)

February 24th, 2013 by T. Von Swine

Well, we have another volume of PTL in the can and here’s the lineup; Abby Cross/Gabriella Paltrova/Lea Lexis/Tara Lynn Fox & Veruca James. I also have GiGi Loren in a ‘bonus’ blowbang since her scene just didnt have the moxy the other ones did, and I didn’t want the heat of the ‘movie’ being dulled down by that. But at least it’s in there which makes 6 more faces that were pasted by Chatsworth’s finest blowbangers still in the game today. There’s also 2 (two), POV/Unprofessional segments w/Tara Lyn  & Veruca getting pounded by a very over eager, ME! Figured I’d put some extra/actual sex in this one since that’s kind of a tradititon from way back when I did a segment w/Carolyn Reese in PTL#2. I’ll add pics later since I have to get ready for my teams playoff game @ 6:15,…. Holla!  -T.O.W.G.D.V.S.IVth.



Now that PTL#8 has been turned in, I have some pics from the gallery to throw up here for all of you strokers & blowbang afficianados. Time has been a huge factor in me shooting and blogging/posting about stuff lately as I’ve also been doing camerawork for Everhard and some of his lines.  So w/that and booking/shooting for Crowd Control #2 and getting the final touches done for PTL#8,  things have opened up and you all now have this gallery to (hopefully) get you stoked on this title that’s out later this month. Am gonna try and put up a large gallery here, maybe the biggest ever because there’s too many good pica & grabs not to!


I had planned to make PTL#8 a double disc w/6 girls and 2 or 3 pov/UnPro segments, but ran out of time, as there was no way I could’ve made our slot for March had I re-booked the sene w/GiGi Loren, who didn’t give us her best that day. She’s still in the movie as a ‘bonus blowbang’, but her energy was waay lower than the other gals so I had to chop her scenes runtime down and relegate it to the bonus section as not to bring down the heat of the other really, really good performances. But, that’s showbiz! When you hire unknown, un-tested gals for the 1st time, you can never predict how well, or not so well, they’re gonna perform for you that day. If I had more time to wrap the movie I would’ve sent her home and re-booked another gal,  but that wasn’t an option so I bit the bullet and got what I could out of her. And no harm/no foul, she just isn’t as dynamic as the other gals, and that’s mostly a by-product of the majority of companies she’s prolly worked for so far who have way lower standards whenever it comes to the ‘performance/heat’ factor for the sex. So many other companies are out there to take pics and shoot tame, vanilla scenes and gals get used to that. There’s such a LOW demand for hard and honest sex anymore  that it’s infected the talent pool almost entirely. Whatevs, that’s a whole ‘nother story for a different day.


Specifics; Abby Cross/Gabriella/Lea, (& GiGI) all did their 1st ever blowbangs for PTL#8 and took on the Mopes and their filthy spuzzwads w/’flying’ colors, lol. We had eye drops on set for those that needed some relief from my crew’s copius loads and bad aim!

Veruca and Tara Lynn;  Wow, both were TERRIFFIC fucks in their respected ‘Whale Cam’ segments w/me and if I could thank them again in person I would, and will, should I see them around Porno-Valley. Veruca was a re-match and showed me she wasn’t kidding the first time when she said she has a bit of a ‘complex’ for older (and fatter!) men. I can’t really ask for better sex or a prettier gal…She has my # every time and flat out OWNS me whenever we get the pants/clothes off on camera. Now Tara Lynn,..she’s an entirely different slice of sexy. She’s a veteran/pro here in the XXX game in all the right ways. I loved how when she showed up that morning she told me she didn’t recall meeting me in Vegas at the show (TWICE!, lol) and heavily considered flaking on me since she didn’t know who the hell I was,.. I love that! She and I hit it off form that second on, and whenever the blowbang was over and she got to meet ‘lil Porky’, I knew we were both in for a great days work.. >:).. She was really wet, and not from shooting a big blast of lube in her cunt either, I can always tell if a gal is faking the water-works. This is where I say Tara Lynn is a pro: I’m nobody’s dream date, I get that, but Tara Lynn was able to use me as enough of an escape to get horny and deliver some incredible, sexy energy during our segment/tryst, and I respect that SOO much here in XXX. That’s a performer getting it, and delivering it, all at the same time and where ‘American Porno’ blows away the Euro stuff because of the level of connection that the euros just cant seem to transmit/broadcast. Veruca,..Tara Lynn; thank you two ladies so much for those GREAT fucks in PTL#8,..I hope for more cracks at your cracks in the near future!


Ok, here’s the pix…Dig IT! ~ Timothy Otto Wilhelm Gunther Dietrich Von Swine IVth.

new Pigpen clip is up w/Beverly Paige!

February 14th, 2013 by T. Von Swine

I did a pov scene w/Beverly for Boobaholics Anonymous #8 that ended up in the bonus/extras section, but used 2 cameras and got lots of extra footage of our bangout. She was a bit ‘wild’ that day and hada hard time staying in one place while we were going at each other, but nevertheless we both got off multiple times. The Pigpen clip has more than what ended up in B.A.#8 so if you’re a fan of gals w/big tits and ‘built for comfort’ bodies then Beverly is just right for you and your ‘me-time’! For now this clip is only avail at (clip #v3741) as I’m still working on getting some distro and broadcast lined up for the Pigpen clips/scenes I’ve shot over the past few years. Til then, it’s only thru chubold that my Pigpen/Whale Cam scenes can be found/purchased. Thanx gang, stay filthy  ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth


Beverly Paige-tape 1  dom piggy _1__0001 Beverly Paige-tape 2  _12__0001 Beverly Paige-tape 2  _16__0001 Beverly Paige-tape 2  flub _3__0001