Praise The Load #5, blowbang anarchy!!

hey gang, we’re minutes away from lensing the 2nd scene for PTL#5 and its w/Katie St.Ives,…pics and more on-set tomfoolery will be added a little bit later after she’s been all painted up w/ pigsauce from our squad of blowbang veterans,..stay tuned…~T.Von IVth.

Ok, here’s a lil batch of pics from the first two in the can for PTL#5,..Amber Swift was going to be in PTL#4 but got pushed out because of the heavy run time we racked up w/the other gals. We even had her in the sights for some pov and Peepshow scenes but she decided to get a boyfriend and switch to GG only scenes,..(bleh, what good is that in Mike John land?) So dig it when it shows up since it’s prolly the only blowbang she’s ever gonna have done, 😉

Katie; it was nice to get her back blowbanging for us since we basically broke her in about a year ago w/her first shoots. She’s always a riot to have around and her cuteness isnt an act, (so stroke to that strokers!) it really is how she rolls. At least around us. Will post more of the candid stuff later and as this flick progresses since we still got a ways to go to get this wrapped, and I dont wanna throw up too much too soon. Until then, all you guys and gals keep making this world turn and we’ll keep the XXX machine rollin.  ~ Swiney

One Response to “Praise The Load #5, blowbang anarchy!!”

  1. Deviland says:

    Oh boy, that sounds promising. Katie St. Ives is amazing and you guys make the best blowbangs in the business. Keep on rocking!