new Pigpen clip is up w/Beverly Paige!

I did a pov scene w/Beverly for Boobaholics Anonymous #8 that ended up in the bonus/extras section, but used 2 cameras and got lots of extra footage of our bangout. She was a bit ‘wild’ that day and hada hard time staying in one place while we were going at each other, but nevertheless we both got off multiple times. The Pigpen clip has more than what ended up in B.A.#8 so if you’re a fan of gals w/big tits and ‘built for comfort’ bodies then Beverly is just right for you and your ‘me-time’! For now this clip is only avail at (clip #v3741) as I’m still working on getting some distro and broadcast lined up for the Pigpen clips/scenes I’ve shot over the past few years. Til then, it’s only thru chubold that my Pigpen/Whale Cam scenes can be found/purchased. Thanx gang, stay filthy  ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth


Beverly Paige-tape 1  dom piggy _1__0001 Beverly Paige-tape 2  _12__0001 Beverly Paige-tape 2  _16__0001 Beverly Paige-tape 2  flub _3__0001

2 Responses to “new Pigpen clip is up w/Beverly Paige!”

  1. Man Boob Bear says:

    Dear Mr. Von Swine,
    on, you are listed as Native American. Is that true? If so, what is your tribal affiliation? Also, would you say you identify as a straight bear or have you never heard that term?

    JCM in Illinois

  2. T. Von Swine says:

    my Pops’ mother was Cherokee and ‘Gypsy French’, and her mothers side of the family didnt speak English and weren’t on reservations, but more like nomads around the region my Pops referred to as the ‘Bottom Lands’ of the Ozarks/Arkansas. sure, I’m mostly white, but both sides of my family came out of some very hard and extreme farming regions of Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

    and not sure if I qualify as a ‘str8 bear’,..I dont rock whiskers, I guess I’m just a fat guy who bangs chicks. I dont perform in bi-scenes or w/trannies so wherever that puts, or leaves me, is where I am, lol. thanx for the questions,..hit me w/more if you have any.. -Swiney

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