PTL#8; Is Finished!…(updated 3/3/13!)

Well, we have another volume of PTL in the can and here’s the lineup; Abby Cross/Gabriella Paltrova/Lea Lexis/Tara Lynn Fox & Veruca James. I also have GiGi Loren in a ‘bonus’ blowbang since her scene just didnt have the moxy the other ones did, and I didn’t want the heat of the ‘movie’ being dulled down by that. But at least it’s in there which makes 6 more faces that were pasted by Chatsworth’s finest blowbangers still in the game today. There’s also 2 (two), POV/Unprofessional segments w/Tara Lyn  & Veruca getting pounded by a very over eager, ME! Figured I’d put some extra/actual sex in this one since that’s kind of a tradititon from way back when I did a segment w/Carolyn Reese in PTL#2. I’ll add pics later since I have to get ready for my teams playoff game @ 6:15,…. Holla!  -T.O.W.G.D.V.S.IVth.



Now that PTL#8 has been turned in, I have some pics from the gallery to throw up here for all of you strokers & blowbang afficianados. Time has been a huge factor in me shooting and blogging/posting about stuff lately as I’ve also been doing camerawork for Everhard and some of his lines.  So w/that and booking/shooting for Crowd Control #2 and getting the final touches done for PTL#8,  things have opened up and you all now have this gallery to (hopefully) get you stoked on this title that’s out later this month. Am gonna try and put up a large gallery here, maybe the biggest ever because there’s too many good pica & grabs not to!


I had planned to make PTL#8 a double disc w/6 girls and 2 or 3 pov/UnPro segments, but ran out of time, as there was no way I could’ve made our slot for March had I re-booked the sene w/GiGi Loren, who didn’t give us her best that day. She’s still in the movie as a ‘bonus blowbang’, but her energy was waay lower than the other gals so I had to chop her scenes runtime down and relegate it to the bonus section as not to bring down the heat of the other really, really good performances. But, that’s showbiz! When you hire unknown, un-tested gals for the 1st time, you can never predict how well, or not so well, they’re gonna perform for you that day. If I had more time to wrap the movie I would’ve sent her home and re-booked another gal,  but that wasn’t an option so I bit the bullet and got what I could out of her. And no harm/no foul, she just isn’t as dynamic as the other gals, and that’s mostly a by-product of the majority of companies she’s prolly worked for so far who have way lower standards whenever it comes to the ‘performance/heat’ factor for the sex. So many other companies are out there to take pics and shoot tame, vanilla scenes and gals get used to that. There’s such a LOW demand for hard and honest sex anymore  that it’s infected the talent pool almost entirely. Whatevs, that’s a whole ‘nother story for a different day.


Specifics; Abby Cross/Gabriella/Lea, (& GiGI) all did their 1st ever blowbangs for PTL#8 and took on the Mopes and their filthy spuzzwads w/’flying’ colors, lol. We had eye drops on set for those that needed some relief from my crew’s copius loads and bad aim!

Veruca and Tara Lynn;  Wow, both were TERRIFFIC fucks in their respected ‘Whale Cam’ segments w/me and if I could thank them again in person I would, and will, should I see them around Porno-Valley. Veruca was a re-match and showed me she wasn’t kidding the first time when she said she has a bit of a ‘complex’ for older (and fatter!) men. I can’t really ask for better sex or a prettier gal…She has my # every time and flat out OWNS me whenever we get the pants/clothes off on camera. Now Tara Lynn,..she’s an entirely different slice of sexy. She’s a veteran/pro here in the XXX game in all the right ways. I loved how when she showed up that morning she told me she didn’t recall meeting me in Vegas at the show (TWICE!, lol) and heavily considered flaking on me since she didn’t know who the hell I was,.. I love that! She and I hit it off form that second on, and whenever the blowbang was over and she got to meet ‘lil Porky’, I knew we were both in for a great days work.. >:).. She was really wet, and not from shooting a big blast of lube in her cunt either, I can always tell if a gal is faking the water-works. This is where I say Tara Lynn is a pro: I’m nobody’s dream date, I get that, but Tara Lynn was able to use me as enough of an escape to get horny and deliver some incredible, sexy energy during our segment/tryst, and I respect that SOO much here in XXX. That’s a performer getting it, and delivering it, all at the same time and where ‘American Porno’ blows away the Euro stuff because of the level of connection that the euros just cant seem to transmit/broadcast. Veruca,..Tara Lynn; thank you two ladies so much for those GREAT fucks in PTL#8,..I hope for more cracks at your cracks in the near future!


Ok, here’s the pix…Dig IT! ~ Timothy Otto Wilhelm Gunther Dietrich Von Swine IVth.

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  1. mrbluelouboyle says:

    Great news! This is the type of news I need to hear, knowing I have to go to work tomorrow morning and go through the daily grind. I can count on you & your crew to help me make it through the day. One of the few consistently excellent Gonzo series going today. Cheers Tim!

  2. Harmless Demographic says:

    I’m sorry I was rude & wrong. It times like that I question every other time I thought I was right

    Mike John is the greatest!

    Good luck & great porn, Sid

  3. Tomohiro says:

    Hallo,My name is Tomohiro. I’m Japanese man. I respect you.

    I have a question. What are the men who have played with “Lisa marie” among your work “1 in the pink 1 in the stink #6”

  4. T. Von Swine says:

    Tomohiro; Lisa Marie was DP’d by Jon Strong & Tee Reel for that movie. She did a bonus pov bj w/me in the extras portion of the disc. regards, T.Von.

  5. T. Von Swine says:

    to swineimpersonator @ gmail;…nice basement you got there,.. lol. A for effort, D- for being a little too conspicuous..

  6. Sorry that was a typo.. but i am glad you enjoyed.. it would not be a mike john moment without it lol

  7. T. Von Swine says:

    ^ comment approved for comin ‘correct’ now lets work on those delusion issues…

  8. Delusional XXX Idiot says:

    Why thank you for offering to help with my issues
    Are you sure you want to make that type of commitment?

    Here is another link for you swine guy

  9. T. Von Swine says:

    ^ why of course,..I’m willing to do almost anything for our fans,..from time to time…lol.

    p.s.; that link ROCKS btw,..

  10. T. Von Swine says:

    we cant shoot in Europe because of the 2257 laws. otherwise we’d still be going over there. -Swiney

  11. T. Von Swine says:

    we cant shoot there because American companies cant use foreign identification for productions that are to be sold in the U.S.. if we purchase footage from a European company that’s fine, but that’s not what we do. Sid, I know you really love Mike’s scenes and style of porno, and nobody wishes more than me that he would show up and tell you what you want to hear, which is he’s doing 50 POV scenes in a row, followed by Boobaholics #’s 9, 10 & 11. It’s great that you are still a SUPER fan of Mike and hopefully one day he’ll read all of these comments and address you directly w/his future plans for scenes, etc., so that you can finally hear from him what is, or isn’t happening as time goes by. -Swiney

  12. Ian Falls says:

    Thank you, thank you so much for this. There just aren’t that many good blow bang / facial series anymore, and this is one of the best. The Abby Cross scene alone was sensational, with copious loads!

    As long as you keep making movies showing pretty girls receiving facials, we’ll keep watching.

    Now, when is PTL 9 out?

    BTW, what ever happened to Arnold Schwarzenpecker?

  13. T. Von Swine says:

    Ian; I hope to start PTL#9 sometime around june/july,..schedule & $$$ permitting. Schwarzenpecker is hard to wrangle because he wants a guaranteed number of scenes before he’ll agree to work anymore because of the cost of testing, etc.. the Mopes aren’t working at all thesedays and getting a test to work every month is no longer cost effective for the majority of those type of performers. thanx for the kind words about PTL#8, and for being a fan. -Swiney.

  14. Delusional XXX Idiot says:

    What the score with your digital downloads ?
    Where is the best place to get them these days?
    Gamelink etc?

  15. T. Von Swine says:

    ^ videobox has most of Mike’s catalog,…that’s the only place for most of the catalog and newer stuff as the jizzmouthwash and mikejohnvip sites haven’t updated in forever.

  16. Ian Falls says:

    Too bad about Arnold Schwarzenpecker. Dude delivers good loads. Unfortunate there’s not a Kickstarter for porn. I would gladly pitch in to subsidize getting him for PTL#9.