Pigpen Update; Rayveness DP in clip #v3784


Ok, so I posted this clip about a month ago, but didn’t get around to writing about it til now,.. but getting Rayveness to do a DP was a monumental XXX acievement. She’s only done 3 in her whole career before this one, and has been performing since 1992, so it’s easy to say I got a REAL rarity out of a super hall of fame starlet. She was great too,..had NO probs or issues w/being banged by two fat guys and did her DP session w/out a hitch! Now, I know it’s tough to win people over w/scenes that are mostly shot from a stationary/tri-pod setup, but the Pigpen clips are all about what it’s like to be in the room w/these XXX pros like never before. It’s a different type of look into porno, all the while still being porno,..see where I’m going w/this? Here, lemme explain a little more,..

Not having any real resource of other heavy guys I felt I could cast, or trust to do the scenes, I knew most of the ‘trenchwork’ was going to have to be done by me. The budget for these clips is pretty much non-existent and that also forced me in front of the camera as much as anything else did. But knowing the chicks, and the environment as well as anyone in gonzo, I felt that if the scenes were taken and stripped down all the way, no tease, very little interview or setup, then it could have a real chance at being unique because then the sex would have it’s own honesty. And that there is the most important message of what I’m trying to do w/this; that these HOT chicks are A-OK, just fine w/getting banged by an older, heavyset dude (or two!).  It all goes back to how we are supposed to, or used to enjoy porno to begin with. Nobodys home, or you have a day off, and FINALLY there’s time to break out a few tapes and spank away by yourself for a couple/few hours and enjoy the visuals on your own terms, because porno is meant to be enjoyed that way,..how you want it! Nowadays everyone is bouncing from clip to clip online, or surfing 35 different free webcam trials, or trying to get noticed in a chatroom, etc.., which is fine, but rarely does that type of spanking really hold me over for more than a portion of the day. It’s like it’s all tempting you to keep coming back and looking for more in a few hours rather than just blazing through a solid block of scenes until you’re all out of DNA to throw around on your carpet or hardwood floors.

So, the “less is more” approach is the only way I see how this can work for my clips. It shows that me, and sometimes Mr.Maple (when he appears), are pretty good at pounding gals that are PROS, are 1/2 our age, and can prolly have their choice of meat puppet in the real world w/just a short skirt and a smile. I’m trying to make porno where EVERYONE wins,..even the hot chicks! They actually get off and cum most of the time and that’s not bragging, but it is a very cool selling point. I’m not doing this so the chicks hate me, quite the contrary, and the fact that Rayveness, who has been in porno for over 20+ years, was WILLING to get sandwiched by two guys that each weigh over 250 lbs., speaks for itself.  So go check it out and download it so you can see a brand of porno where everyone wins, even you, because this shows w/the right determination and enough $$$, you too can make some top notch pro-am porno, which is the true heartbeat of America! People are very quick to forget that movie cameras were originally invented for shooting porno, not Charly Chaplain. But due to there being no licensed and bonded talent agents of the time, the initial and first attempts at a Porn-Valley floundered and the performers flunked INTO mainstream! That’s ALL true, you just have to know where to ask,.. >;)

TheRayveness DP is avail at chubold.com and is clip #v3784 and has 3 cumshots. Don’t let all of the ‘alternate’ type content over there fool you, just go to the search option/queue and type in Pigpen to find it w/out having to scroll through some things that might burn your eyes a little bit. Or not, scroll away and take it all in,..maybe you’ll see something else to stroke to as well,..Thanx to Rayveness for the great romp and Mr.Maple for helping me pull off a classic clip, and to all of you super stroker/spank-monsters out there for still being fans. Enjoy the framegrabs,.. ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth.



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