Crowd Control #2…..ALL Anal!


Yes!, Crowd Control vol.2 has ALL anal scenes. I was hoping for all DP, but fell a little short in that dept. I did however manage to capture a REAL juicy double creampie in Jennifer White’s scene which was great(1 anal/1vag). In the past Crowd Control had all 4-1 scenes, but that’s a little bit out of our budget right now so I went w/all 3-1’s where every gal at least takes it in the ass, which should make up for the lack of the extra Mope. This should hit the streets later this month as I’ll be finishing up the cover tomorrow (mon 4-8), and will post it once it’s approved. Go check out the trailer over at since it’s free and downloadable… enjoy the pics,.. ~ T.O.W.G.D.V.S.4


p.s.: I’m spinning Motorhead’s “Bomber” album (for prolly the 400th time) and gotta say,’s really hard not pickin up my bottle of Jim Beam Black whisky and seein where that takes me. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be someplace, Live Fast/Die Old, bitches!  T.V.S.4


4 Responses to “Crowd Control #2…..ALL Anal!”

  1. Cool this look’s good
    Good to see your back getting these chicks banged up ! 😉

  2. Delusional XXX Idiot says:

    How can one not like the sight of these babes getting filled up 🙂
    Top job!

  3. pierre78 says:

    I too wish it had been an all DP movie, as Jennifer White is one of the very best @ double penetration.
    Still, I just ordered it as Jada & Jennifer are my favorite 2 performers.
    I hope you’ll book them again soon.

  4. T. Von Swine says:

    ^Pierre; Jen might look good doing DP, but she’s IMPOSSIBLE to shoot for more than 5 minutes at a time. her ‘personal issues’ are becoming so troublesome that I dont see how anyone will hire her for demanding scenes unless they want to pull their own hair out waiting for her to get ‘ready’. look, I think she’s a true sweetheart, but her ADD is a real issue for her on set and I hope she gets it handled soon because she could really be a great performer if that were no longer an issue. thanx for being a fan and I hope you’re able to enjoy her scene when you get to watch it. -Swiney.