Elastic Assholes #11 & XRCO win #4..Gallery Update 5/4/13


Hey gang, I finished shooting Elastic Assholes #11 on weds(4/24) and hope to have it on the streets in late May.

Here’s the cast;

AJ Applegate-creampie,

Kat Dior-facial,

Sasha Casey-creampie & swallow,

Krissy Lynn-frosted cookie!,

Kimberly Kane-creampie.

Note: ALL creampies in this movie were ANAL creampies! OMG!! lol. I’ll get some pics up soon I just have to peruse and re-size them first.


XRCO; we won for Best POV Series yet again! That’s 4 in a row bitches!!! What are we, the New York Islanders?..lol. Only bummer was I couldn’t hear them call it out at that damn Supperclb/LA place so I didnt get to go onstage and make an ass outta myself, which I kinda like doing. I like makin people laugh, even at my own expense,..occasionally. lol. Any-hizzle, I DID get to do the post win interview and photos backstage w/Nikki Phoenix who’s a hot, curvy platinum blonde that was shot by Miles Long who’s a super cool guy, so thanx you two. Overall it was a real smooth night w/plenty of friendly faces and good convo. They did let the public in around midnight and it just turned into civilian bedlam from there w/an awful DJ and waittresses walking around w/$500 bottles of Grey Goose that have the little light in the bottom,..lame. That was the key to BOUNCE, so we did. Thanx to everyone who voted for us, to Jules for keepin our product hi-profile and doin good #’s, Mike Moz for helpin me get around during the initial chaos/confusion, and XRCO for still having a show in Los Angeles instead of allll the waayyy out in Vegas.


shout outs to: Kelly Shibari; GF extraordinaire, Mark Zane shuttle service, Eric Swissballs, Kaci Starr; looking great thesedays, Veruca James, Katie St.Ives, Tessa Lane, Penny Pax,  Gracie Glam, Nina Hartley; who told me in my ear: get out!, go sleep on the couch!..loved it!, Erik EVERHAAAARRD, Anthony Petkovitch; always like chopping it up w/you buddy, Jim Orlando, Tee Reel, Billy Banks, Ike Diezel; tequila assassin, Daniel Metcalf, James Deen; calm down and go get some Del Taco!, Bono-One, Roger T Pipe, Jag,  L.T.Turner, Tricia Devereaux; thanx for sayin hi on the stairs, that was nice ;), D.Snoop, Lee Bang, Mr.Pete, Toni Ribas, and everyone else who I chatted and swilled with but just can’t recall at the moment, so please forgive,.. pics soon!  ~ T.O.W.G.D.V.S.4


5/4-5/13; Ok scumbags, I just wrapped doing the DVD gallery and insert for Elastic Assholes #11 and re-sized a batch of pics here for the blog,..yes, I’m stating the obvious. What’s also ‘obvious’ is the 3, count em’, THREE pov segments. Sure, it’s a little bit selfish of me, but it saves us prod. $’s and keeps my over-sized Pig balls drained, for which society should be thankful! No need for me to be running around w/a ‘full clip’ and seeing gals walk in and out of my Chateau w/out me getting a piece for myself,..no way! So I did,..3 times, lol. Mike said I should do ALL 5 scenes but I knew that wouldn’t fly, even if it is our movie. Case in point; newbie/dewey fresh starlet/piglet Sasha Casey did her 1st on screen anal and was soo fun I shot (here’s that magic # again) THREE loads in our scene. Are you kidding? Since when does my 255 lb, 43 yr old ass get off that many loads in a day, let alone in the span of like 60-70 minutes? Still, mission accomplished much to my ultimate, chauvinistic pleasure… 2 of those loads ended up as anal creampies w/the 3rd going down her throat,..wow, what a lady. I’m more than impressed w/her sleaze factor for ‘enduring’ that scene w/me.

Then there’s Kat Dior, who as a 19 yr old trollop was able to handle the Sean Michaels ‘telephone pole’ up her little duff like she was Jynx Maze or Bobbi Starr,..TOTAL professional ass-banger in the making this gal. Krissy Lynn got thrown in the mix w/Tommy Byron who went str8 to the A and stayed there til he pulled out and fired a greasy one all over her shaved cookie,.. AJ Applegate and Kimberly Kane were the other 2 gals who I tackeld in pov fashion and lemme tell you something,.. AJ’s attitude and sparkilng eyes had me in disbelief that it was the 1st time we’d ever met each other. She was soo easy and hot to work with..I shot a massive load in her ass too, but was a little too eager on the deposit strokes and fired it REALLY deep,..we got part of it out on camera, but Im sure she had an ‘oil leak’ for the rest of her day, lol.

Now if any of you saw the scene w/Kimberly and I from EA #9 then you’ll recall it has some of the best on screen chemistry ever captured in my performer/pov career. Well, after this one I feel it’s only a matter of time before she lands us on the show ‘Cheaters’ should we risk/engage in a 3rd on camera romp. I couldn’t hold the camera for too long because of how bad we wanted to KILL each other, so it morphed into this pov/Totally Unprofessional hybrid scene that had us flying thru positions like we were Everhard and Dani Daniels or something… Look, if you like porno where the sex is the most important ingredient, then Elastic Assholes #11 is a must for you, just on the Kane vs. Von Swine scene/brawl alone,..sorry I’m talking such a big game here, but the 3 segments I did capped w/hers and it really blew me away. She even let me creampie her! How many times has she done that in her awesome career? (style points for the Fat guy, bitches!!)

Take it from me, the ‘Babe Ruth Of Chatsworth’, Elastic Assholes #11 is a real raunchy all anal romp that should keep you stroking well into the dog days of Summer,..AND Fall. Enjoy the pics everyone..Thanx for being fans and feel free to say “hi” in the comments section if you see something you like. ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth.


8 Responses to “Elastic Assholes #11 & XRCO win #4..Gallery Update 5/4/13”

  1. jake says:

    another win and another E.A….seriously if I ever go back in time and get cancer as a toddler my Make A Wish option would be to meet TVS and MJ and hang out for a day. been enjoying both your works for all of the significant portions of my adult life. keep it roll’in!

  2. T. Von Swine says:

    make it to Vegas in January and we’ll chop it up… -Swiney.

  3. DelusionalXXXIdiot says:

    This is on buy list… good work Mr Swine

    A link for you


  4. Matt says:

    Love the work you and Mike consistently produce. Would love to see Jessica Robbin in the next installment of Boobaholics Anonymous. I think she is right up your guys alley.


    Keep up the good work!

  5. Andy Burns says:

    The first scene has blonde pinup girl Jane Darling slinking around in high heels, and let me tell you, she is a real stunner. Long legs, natural breasts, blonde hair, blue eyes. So when I saw she was going to take on three massive cocks, oh boy.

  6. Stateless says:

    So Swiney, that first seen you are talking about dumping 3 loads. Is that all captured on film? I have not seen you blow 3 loads with one girl all in the same session and that would be awesome to see.

  7. T. Von Swine says:

    ^State; the scene w/Sasha has all 3 pops in it but I had to do a crossfade between creampies 1 & 2,…the 3rd pop is a swallow. I had to use the edit because as soon as I popped the 1st time I put the camera down but could tell I could fire off another one so I kept her bent over and just pumped her ass full of round/load #2, which she really seemed to enjoy, lol. Then I grabbed the camera and watched her push it out,..cant believe I shot so much in such a short time,.. thanx for the messages guys,..ttys, -Swiney

  8. balla666 says:

    Hey Mr. Von Swine,

    Just wanted to say [b]ELASTIC ASSHOLES 11[/b] is an absolute keeper. The thing that had me instantly sold was the not one, not two, but three anal creampie scenes. This for me is an absolute plus. Thanks for this insanely raunchy anal fest. Please keep the awesome anal releases and cumfarts coming!