2013 Means It’s Time For NCDA #13

I know it’s been a minute since any news around here, but hopefully this will make up for it. NCDA will be making a comeback this year, which isn’t quite the same, deep impact of Van Halen’s 1984 LP streeting in (of all years) 1984, but we hope it’ll come in a close 300th/400th place. Now, sorry we wont be having 40 or 50 loads swallowed like years past, or 4-5 on 1’s w/airtight DP’s and the ‘Power Squad’ guys each popping twice but, the way it’s shaping up I feel the gals will really knock your socks/cocks off. With such a drought of any real steady hard gonzo that’s new, I feel NCDA #13 will for sure fill some of the void all on it’s own just because of the swallowing in each scene alone. I’m also aiming for all of the gals to do anal, even though it’s MAXING out my budget limits in a VERY tough time to be spending on XXX.


This year has seen some real god titles make comebacks so far so lets just add NCDA #13 to that hit-parade why dont we? Both Crowd Control & Sperm Receptacles made returns after looong hiatuses, so having Mike’s flagship sailing again is gonna feel damn good to get out to the fans. Who knows?, mebbe we can get Teenage Spermaholics dusted off before 2014 and turn this bitch into a muthafuckin RENNAISANCE!..lol ( < did I spell that right?).

So far it’s Sarah Shevon and Cameron Canada who most definitely did anal AND swallowed multiple loads…. More details later and pics since this is just a production blast, and not a press junket sized notice for all 23 of you still following our XXX exploits,.. Holla!  ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth.

10 Responses to “2013 Means It’s Time For NCDA #13”

  1. Bob says:

    Hey TVS, you ever work with/film Lexxi Silver?? I found out that she is the daughter of former legendary Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar!! Poor Bernie!! The Drive, The Fumble, the pornstar daughter….

  2. T. Von Swine says:

    I did not know of that connection,..but no, we never shot her either. I do recall years back watching a game when Bernie palyed for the Dolphins and Mike’s brother Glen said, ‘my God, you can hear Bernie screaming through the TV as he’s getting sacked!’..

    Oh Bernie,..God luv ya…lol

  3. sen says:

    you have to shoot Noelle Easton, if not for NCDA something that gives her more than 2 cocks at least in scene!

  4. T. Von Swine says:

    ^sen; she’s in Boobaholics #9 doing a pov.. she’s not available for group scenes currently, and she doesn’t swallow.it might say she does, but she didnt want to w/me so I sprayed her tits.

  5. sen says:

    I saw the scene, not exactly in line with the rest of the series with the whole pov thing but eh oh well. she is listed for blow bangs and she states on her twitter shes already don’t a couple bbg scenes, why not shoot a blow bang then a bbg with her…isn’t that how it used to be anyway

  6. RAptorJesus says:

    Glad to hear! Wish there were 40-50 loads being swallowed, but whatcha gonna do. Each installment of this series is crazy good, so looking forward to it.

  7. T. Von Swine says:

    ^^Sen; I want NCDA to be all anal,..so Noelle isnt an option,..she might make it into Jerkoff Material #10 when that comes up,..but, I’ll be honest and say she might get pov’d again because of how much me & Mike LOVE big tits. if pov’s aint your bag I get it, but please hammer other shooters/companies because I’m ALL about being selfish here in this new age of XXX…

    and, I know most other companies/shooters are total losers and dont know how to make good XXX even if they have the $$$’s, but all of you diehards out there need to speak up and tell THEM what they’re doing wrong, not us..we’ve already blazed the trails ourselves now it’s time for them to see if they can deliver what we were doing 8-10 years ago!…

    which they cant.. -Swiney

  8. sen says:

    thanks for responding, i’m actually a huge fan of POV, I just thought maybe the scene should’ve been saved for something outside of that series I guess.

    on a side note, im not sure how much u guys pay attention to the jules Jordan forums, but I posted this awhile back and someone named mikejohn posted back but im not sure how authentic it was. have you guys ever thought of doing something like this


  9. Mark says:

    Maybe it’s too late but I’d love to see Veruca James in NCDA. She’s been outstanding in everything else she’s done for you. Great body, great personality – if anybody deserves one of the old school special 5 on 1′s w/airtight DP’s and the ‘Power Squad’ guys each popping twice, it’s her…

    Would also love to see Adrianna Chechik in something for you & Mike!

  10. T. Von Swine says:

    ^Mark; Veruca’s in it, and she does a DP w/a 4 guy bj…there’s no ‘Power Squad’ left,..those dudes you see in Elegant’s gangbangs are either too expensive, spikers, or crossover dudes that I wont hire..if there was a resource of guys like in 04′ that I trusted, I doubt I could afford them…

    we dont have the $$$ anymore, but we’re doin the best w/what we got. thanx for the comment. -Swiney.