How Could I Forget?…Boobaholics Anonymous #9 Is Done!!

Fans w/Big Tit Retardation like Mikey rejoice! We have a great stack of stacked babes in this one; Chrissy Nova, Mya Lushes, Whitney Westgate, Tessa Lane, & Noelle Easton! We didnt intend to make this one ALL pov, but can you blame us? I didnt think so. There were some cancellations and flakes by a few chicks AND guys (who didnt want to perform in a Bg scene for $400 bux,..) so we said FU!, we’ll do ALL of the banging ourself. Hey, if it’s come the time for Mike and I to bang EVERY chick in EVERY scene we’re gonna do it dammit! At least he and I are somewhat decent when holding the camera and getting banged by XXX’s best babes so there IS  some upside for you strokers.

Here’s the cover that I just approved, maybe I’ll post a few pics later if time permits,….talk to ya later.. ~ T.O.W.G.D.Von Swine IVth

4 Responses to “How Could I Forget?…Boobaholics Anonymous #9 Is Done!!”

  1. Rhino says:

    Von Swine love your attitude. Finding good help is hard to come by and sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do!

  2. T. Von Swine says:

    Rhino/81,..ALWAYS good to hear from you buddy,..hope ur doin good in the AZ,…keep in touch.. -Swiney.

    p.s.; just bought a new pair of CCM’s and they’re wanna buy a good pair of Graf’s?..they were a 1/2 size too big…. Holla!

  3. Harmless Demographic says:

    Dear Mike John,

    Please come back for the POV!!! POV 15 is still the best porn ever!

    Jessica Robbin, Krista James, Cameron Dee, Serena Ali, etc! We need you!

    I have very few regrets, except you didn’t do Pepper Foxxx or Lisa Crawford. Never to late?

    Thank you. Good luck & great porn,


    ps. I’m still waiting for you & the Adriana Luna & Chloe Taylor 3 way OMG!!!

  4. Harmless Demographic says:

    I just read “How Could I Forget?…”

    welcome back Mike!!!