POV Pervert #16 Is Done!

We have another installment of this classic and legendary series, only there’s a new driver in the seat this time for all of the scenes; T.von Swine. Mike is still indisposed and handling his other ventures so I went ahead and decided I’d take a crack at this series, and am glad I did. This volume has me up against some fantastic pussies & buttholes that belong to: Chase Ryder, Kat Dior, Laela Pryce, Gabriella Paltrova, and Zoey Monroe. All of the gals except Chase take it up the ass and Kat gets TWO anal creampies in her scene. Hopefully I’ll feel like posting pics later, but I’m really swamped w/the the boxcover, booking scenes, pulling framegrabs, etc., so dont trip if that takes a while. That’s all for now, ttyl. -T.O.W.G.D.von Swine IVth.


P.S.; ok porn-hounds,..here’s a small gallery/taste for all of ya. Mostly framegrabs so you can get a good bite on how the action looks up front, and personal.. Holla! -T.v.S.4


5 Responses to “POV Pervert #16 Is Done!”

  1. mrbluelouboyle says:

    Hey Tim, the screen shots look great! It’s amazing how you launched a curve ball and managed to get it right over the plate into Chase Ryder’s waiting pie hole!

  2. T. Von Swine says:

    that was NO curve buddy,..that one was a KNUCKLER!!..lol

  3. skronx says:

    Keep doing the Lawd’s work, Herr Swine.

  4. Harmless Demographic says:

    Hi Mike,

    Welcome back!!! You’re the the only one who see’s it the way I do.
    Thank you for POV 16. I’m in video love with Rikki Nyx. Please include
    her in the next one.

    Thank you, good luck & great porn.


  5. T. Von Swine says:

    ^Sid; Mike wasn’t in POV #16,..he only did 1 pov w/Mya Lushes in Boobaholics #9.